Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing was supposed to game about shooting enemies in a 2D platformer environment for score.  According to the design document, enemies were supposed to spawn on a one-screen level and the player would have to defend themselves by shooting and killing enemies.

However, it didn’t work out:

It became some kind of 2D platformer with no functional mechanics other than moving, jumping and basic 2D platformer physics.

I was to be the designer (I think?) and the artist.  I used some sprites that I had previously and made new animations for him carrying a gun and shooting it.  I created two different types of enemies and their animations, and hit reactions for everybody.  Bullet sprites and death animations were also provided.  The tiles that made up the level were also done by me.

I also provided code for the fairly difficult-to-program (for a beginner) 2D platformer physics.  This included colliding properly with ceilings, walls, and floors, including diagonal collisions, as well as setting it up to have proper parabolic jump arcs.  I had hoped that this would be a good starting point for my programmer.

Unfortunately, the programmer had not been working on the program before I had all the sprites in.  At the beginning of the development period I provided him with some placeholder sprites to use in case he needed them, though Gamemaker Studio makes it easy to develop in the absence of sprites.

In the end, there didn’t seem to be any more functionality than what I had already provided.  The only content that isn’t mine seems to be a few more level screens, tutorial text, and enemy sprites (that don’t do anything) placed around.

Overall, I was disappointed with my programmer.  I even offered to help him if he needed any, but he declined.

So, I hope you enjoy my game “Last Man Standing,” even though all that can be done is move to the right and jump until there’s nothing left to be explored.




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