Competitive Gaming

Competitive Video Gaming Paper Outline

I. Introduction

II.  What competitive gaming is, and how it is relevantly different from other kinds of gaming (aka the real introduction)

A.  Relate competitive games to sports

B.  Two different kinds of fun in video games

1.  Playing to relax

2.  Playing to stimulate

C. Social aspect

1.  Local community, national community and worldwide community

2. Training partners and rivals

D. Relate to difficult gaming and casual/hardcore/competitive and other such categorization

III.  Requirements for a game to be fit for competition

A.  Popularity as the sole necessity

B.  Consistent winners, but not too consistent (skill caps)

C.  Accessibility vs. skill difference

1.  A definition of depth

2.  Teaching your player

D.  Spectator value and its effect on a competitive scene

E.  Things that are not as important as one might think

1.  Universal balance

2.  Developer/sponsor support

F.  Patterns seen in long-lasting communities, or what seems to be oddly important

III.  Meta-analysis

A.  “Anti-immersion” – instead of pulling you into a false reality, competitive gaming elucidates it

B.  Behavior of the competitor: the meritocracy, competitive attitudes and the warrior’s spirit

1.  You are respected by your skill level

2.  Being free (of arbitrary, unenforceable, or unwritten rules)

3.  The instinct to fight

C.  What we learn from competition

1.  How to master a skill in a safe environment

2.  How to handle pressure and get the best out of yourself when you really want to

3.  What we are capable of, having seen our strengths and weaknesses exposed

IV.  Conclusion

A.  The current state of competitive gaming

B.  Speculations of the future of gaming as it relates to competition and competitive attitudes

C.  Living a life of endless self-improvement


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